Dr. Rajveer Singh Gangwar

This is my proud privilege to be the president of such a great & noble organization of the ex–students of Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya, Bareilly. JNVs are the schools,that can be considered as the Modern Gurukul where Tradition, Prestige, Discipline & Humanity are 4 important pillars where we have a bonding of Love, Affection, Care and respect among the students and with the teachers. JNV Bareilly is not only providing the value education to the students but also making them All-rounder with vast extra- curriculum activities. JAWAB was actually created to continue the culture & bounding of "Navodayahood" even after "Navodaya Life". This is the family of Navodayans to know each other personally & professionally.

Our family is vast now as it has been stepped into the 2nd generation. We have people in different fields all over India and even across the world, like IAS, PCS, Doctors, Engineers, Professors,Teachers,Architects,Defence Personals,Politicians, Businessman and members in different Govt., Semi-govt. and private sectors.

As the president of JAWAB, I am highly thankful to my elder brothers, who are guiding us like a convener Specially Mr. Naresh Sharma (1993 Batch – The founder of All India JNV foundation), Mr. Manohar Singh (1993 Batch), Dr. Umesh Gangwar (1994 - Batch), Dr. Radhey Shyam Gangwar (1995 – Batch), Mr. Surendraveer Singh (1996 – Batch), Mr. Ambuj Shankhdar (1997 - Batch), Mr. Anil Gangwar (1998 - Batch) and many more.

We are trying our family to be broader and reachable for everyone. We have developed the website of JAWAB. We are thankful to Mr.Girish Panday (1996 Batch) for the concept and to Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh (2002 Batch) for actually designing it. I am thankful to my younger brothers and sisters, specially Mr. Mahaveer Charan (2002 Batch - Secretary JAWAB), Mr. Patvendra Gangwar(2003 Batch – Finance Secretary – JAWAB), Mr. Satyam Gautam(2003 Batch), Mr. Deerendra Gangwar (2004 Batch). Who really taking pains to organize the MEETS. I am thankful to each and everyone who is working and supporting JAWAB. I request others also to come forward & take more interest in the Association. Hoping for the grand success of JAWAB in near future.

Dr. Rajveer Singh Gangwar (Batch-1992-1999)
JAWAB - "JNV Alumni Welfare Association Bareilly"


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